Best Multimeter for Auto mechanics.

The professional equipment that you are using when you are a craftsman has to be able to work and just keep working, but it also has to be precise and be a big help in your every day on work.what a multimeter looks like

So it also is with multimeters for auto mechanics, they have to be precise, work continuously and be able to keep working for many years.

I had a look at the top ten multimeters for auto mechanics on the market.

The first one is Fluke 88 V 1000V Automotive Multimeter. It is a great tool is you are measuring single pulse width and for finding out the health of your cars injector. It will also measure the cars duty cycle and frequency cycle effectively. It is a sturdy build multimeter and will be able to provide you with precise measurements and help you keep your car running smoothly.

The second one I looked at was Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter Meter, a small handy but yet sturdy machine that will give you precise measurements every time and like the previous one measure specific things on your car to make it run perfectly.

The third one was extech EX 330 Autoranging MiniMultimeter with build in Thermometer with K remote Pro. It is a medium size multimeter but it has some special features. It will measure anything the previous ones has, but it also has a thermometer that allows you to measure the aircondition. It comes with a rubber coating that makes it easu to hold on to for hours of work.

I also had a look at Amprobe AM-510 Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection. A small device that will get the job done, it will measure everything you have to in order to keep your car running smoothly and it will stack up to any other. It comes with a rubber coating for durability and for protection against bumps.

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is an attempt to enter the mid-level market, they already have a high-end product. This smaller product does not have all the same features as the top line, but it will give you precise measurements and is one of the best for car batteries.

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is a small perfect multimeter for home use and for the inexperienced user, it will still provide you with good precise measurements of the delicate electronics in your car without problems.

Klein Tools MM200 Auto Ranging Multimeter is a small multimeter that is able to provide you fine measurements, but it is a mid-level instrument and lacks some of the features you find in the more expensive ones.

The extech MN 35 Digital mini Multimeter is a small device in the midrange that is precise and will give you a fine test of your car instruments, but it is a small device, though it has a large screen that is easy to read. It is a mid-level device that lacks some of the features you find in bigger devices.

Amprobe AM-530 TRMS with Non-Contact Voltage Detector and Temp, is a small multimeter that is able to give you perfect measurements on your cars delicate electronics and do it every time. It is a midlevel device and is coming up short compared the bigger devices, but still a god value for money.

Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-functional Digital Multimete , a small multimeter that is able to give you all you need in a multimeter and then some, some fine features are added to it and this little multimeter is perfect for a beginner needing to get good reading. A good value for money.

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